Sunday, 29 April 2012

Donna of Bearlymine has two brand New Digi Paper Sets

Donna of Bearlymine Designs has two stunningly new Digi Paper Sets due to be released on May 4th and I thought you might like to see them ahead of the release date. These have been created with Fred She Said and Donna together and carnt you just see how beautiful they are, now dont forget they will be released this coming Friday on May 4th so keep that in your diary and be ready to go and visit Donnas website to treat yourself to them.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Card for the Sugar Bowl and Sugery Sunday Challenges

Good Morning Everyone, I hope the weather is kinder with you today, at the moment its dry here but how long it will last Ive no idea, the dog has been for a walk and has come back dry thats just fabulous as being small she gets very dirty as well as wet. Anyway I have this card to show you today its for the Sugar Bowl and Sugery Sunday Challenge on Facebook and for this I have used one of the Pips this one is called "Daffy Pip" as you can see shes holding a bunch of daffodils, and mine were really gorgeous this year. Ive printed her onto white card then used the colour challenge from the facebook page and this is it
to colour her with my copic pens, then used Nestabilitie Labels Die No.17 to cut her out, I then drew around the die to create the mount for it. The sentiment is one from my stash which I thought went quite well with the image.
The base card is a 6"x 6" white card with a first mount of lavender card and Ive used two papers from the Prima "Meadow Lark" paper pack, the first a all over pattern in a darker pink/lavender and then a paler strip was then stuck down the side, Ive also punched out some swirls with my Memory Box dies and these were positioned in the bottom left hand corner.
The mounted image was then stuck in the centre with the sentiment at the bottom on the right hand side.
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Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Card for the LOV "Diamond and Pearls" Challenge

Good Morning Everyone, sorry Ive been so lapse in posting lately but as you can gather Ive been busy with the dog and my DT work so that I can be all ready for our trip to Cornwall at the end of May, these Challenges come around so quickly and you need to be ready in advance, anyway I think Ive got a bit of spare time at the moment. I dont know about you but Im not enjoying using the new Blogger page we use for writing up our posts, I carnt use it at all in Internet Explorer which is the browser I usually use and at the moment Ive having to use Firefox, but all my links arnt in this one, and of course the Google Chrome is even worse as you dont get the favourite bar down the side so its useless.
Anyway back to todays card, Ive used this sweet image for my card ( I didnt realise it was a bit crooked, sorry about that), Ive coloured her with my copics then cut her out with a square Nestabilitie Die, and the mount is one the Lacey Square die, the sentiment is one I found on the internet and felt it went quite well with the image.
The base card is a 6"x 6" white card with a first mount of blue card, the papers Ive used are from Maya and its a beautiful white background with flower sprays on it, on top I have used a stripe of dark blue with white hearts on and used a Martha Stewart border punch on both side and have stuck it down the middle of the base layer. Then around the middle is a piece of web ribbon and attached to the back of the first mount.
I then positioned my mounted image in the centre with the sentiment below, Ive finished of with two flower punched out with one of my flower punches and mounted on top of a swirl with diamonds in the centres, then down two opposite sides I have place diamond stripes. I also used some small pearls on the images necklace.
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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Missy is now without her Collar

Guess who's a happy dog? We took her collar of this morning, and shes so delighted she took one of her stitches out to celebrate, I dont know shes a proper Houdini, she can get any stitch out as quick as lightening, little madam. We have to take her back for the final checkup tomorrow so hopefully the vet will sign her of as being sorted. We thought as the openings were now healed up we would remove the collar, and yes the little madam took all of three hours to remove one of the stitches I wonder how long its going to take to get the other one out as well, lets hope it doesnt split open again as Im not so sure it will heal so well.
Shes been right nightmare believe me, its now two weeks since she had her spaying, 6 dew claws and two baby teeth removed, and its only today that weve been able to remove the collar, Im not sure I would want to go through this stress again, and hopefully we wont.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Missy Update Latest News

We took Missy back to the vets yesterday morning, and she was able to remove the two front legs stitches and her tummy (shes been spayed), but unfortunaely when she went to have a look at her back legs she found that they both are still not ready to be taken out. We thought that the back right leg would be ready but its not completely healed and was rather puffy and mucky, we knew her left back leg was going to take at least another week because theyd had to restitch it, but it looks as if her ladyship was able to cause more of her mischief on the right back leg as she did on her left one.
So shes still in her collar and we are having to put little plastic bags over her boot bandages so they dont get wet when she goes outside to the toilet, shes very good but slides everywhere so we have to be careful she doesnt hurt herself. I will be so glad when its all over its been a very stressful time, added to the fact that we carnt be watching her ladyship 24/7 especially when she goes to bed and starts trying to undo the bandages, she can still reach them even with the collar but at least it makes her think before she does.
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments youve been leaving I do appreciate them, will keep you informed as she progressess, we have to take her for another checkup on Tuesday, and see if she still needs more Antibiotics.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Missy Update

When I decided to have Missy spayed, and have her 6 dew claws removed plus her baby teeth, I never expected it to turn into such a drama, this little madam even with this collar on is still causing damage to her back left leg, as I have already told you we had to take her back to the vets on Saturday to have the stitches shes so cleverly removed, be put back. Anyway we thought the collar would keep her away from the foot, oh no this little madam being long in the body has found a way of bending herself to get at it, and so she caused the foot to swell up with her not leaving it alone. So this morning my husband noticed she was limping and I removed the dressing only to find it started to bleed heavily so I redressed and we took her back to the vet again.
He thought at first she may had a infection and tested it but luckily there isnt one but it is badly swollen and is answer was to completely bandage the whole foot as well as the leg, and shes now not only sporting a collar but also a bandage boot on her foot, and of course the occassional limp as well.
She is a clever dog and I wouldnt put it past her to find a way of being able to remove it, anyway we have to take her back again to the vet tomorrow to make sure that the swelling has started to go down, so keep your fingers crossed that things are starting to heal as she will have to keep them in longer if it hasnt. She supposed to have them removed on Monday and at the moment its looking highly unlikely.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sunday's with Santa "Anything Goes"

Good Evening Everyone, I know its late but its the first time Ive had a bit of me time all day, firstly we had to take Missy for a checkup and the vet decided to restitch the foot shed taken the stitches out of and then to tape up all the stitches on each of the other three feet, and to fit her with a collar, if you pop across to my No.1 blog you will be able to see how she feels about that. Luckily she did eat her dinner today which she didnt want last night, but its a struggle for her as the collar gets in the way, she keeps catching it on all sorts of things as she walks along, and finds it difficult to lie down comfortably so Ive sat down with all afternoon keeping her company and hoping she will feel more secure.
Well back to my card as you can see its one of Mos digitable images and Ive coloured it with my copic pens then used Nestabilitie No.9 to cut it out and mount it on a larger one, the sentiment is one from my stash. Ive also used two of Donna's Bearlymine Christmas Digi papers and mounted them on top of one another. Ive also used one of the corner dies from Memory Box to in the bottom right hand corner under my sentiment.
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Missy's home and her 1st Birthday

I promised that I would give you an update on Missy, we picked her up from the vets yesterday afternoon and she looked really ok and hadnt even been sick, she carried on doing well yesterday evening that she even managed her dinner later on.
She has managed to undo one of the stitch on her back leg, luckily it hasnt bled but what a temptation it was to leave ends of thread and not expect her to pull them and of course she did, it looks ok but we will obviously have to keep and eye on it. She has to go for a check up on Saturday and we will ask them then if thats ok to leave and let it heal of its own accord. I really dont want to stress her out any further at the moment.
Its also her first birthday today and she must be feeling rather sore so there wont be much in the way of jolly things going on, will wait until shes over this and all healed up.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Missy is of to have a big Operation

Tomorrow April 4th is a big day for our little girl, shes of to the vet to be spayed, not only that shes also having 6 dew claws removed and two of her baby teeth, and to be honest Im really concerned as she wasnt at all well after she had to have an Xray last October so Im asking that you keep her in her prayers and thoughts.
And then on Thursday its her first birthday, its been a year of fun and laughter as shes a real character and is very humanised, to be honest its the first Yorkie we have had whos so different from any other dog weve both had, and believe me when I say weve had quite a few over the last 30 years. Shes got a really lovely temperament, theres not an ounce of malice in her, and she loves everyone including rather large dogs and very small children, shes in her element when theres a little person is around.
Mind you she gave my hubby a terrible scare on Sunday, he took her for her usual walk to the local park which is about a 10 mins walk away, and there are a number of fields around the main park field and we normally walk her around the first one then slip into the next field which is also attached to the football field with a hedge and lots of gaps, he let her of the lead and she suddenly dissappeared into the football field, he followed her and she had gone on ahead and slipped back into the other one, and I believe as she couldnt see him she just panicked and litterally starting running down the field through the hedge back through the park and made her way home, of course hubby couldnt recall her and she didnt seem to hear him, luckily he had his phone on him and he rang me up and I said I would come and give him a hand. Id just put my wellies on and coat opened the back gate and there she was waiting for me, I called her in and made a fuss of her, what a clever dog. Im so relieved that there wasnt any traffic as she has no road sense and there wasnt anything else to distract her attention.
She was so pleased with herself that I just couldnt scold her, and if I had Im sure she would have wondered why as dogs only come back to someone that shows love and not to be told off.
Luckily we have kept her on a long lead for now and hopefully we can both take her out when shes had her op and start her again of the lead.
Anyway please can you keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, I will post a photo of her when she feeling a bit better hopefully on Thursday her birthday.