Sunday, 31 August 2014

The rest if the samples for Sarah Hallam for her Create and Craft Show

As promised here are the rest of the samples I created from Sarahs brand new Tangletastic 3 CD and she will be showing you more on Tuesday on Create and Craft at 11am, I do hope that you will pop by and watch the show as Im sure you will be surprised at how fabulous the images are.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sarah Hallams brand new Tangletastic CD 3
Sarah Hallam has a brand new CD and it will be previewed on Create and Craft on Tuesday next week at 11am I do hope that you will stop by and watch the show and if you are interested if getting your hands on this beautiful and stunning new CD you can pay a visit to Sarahs own website "Peerless Designs" and buy your disc there in the next few days.
I was lucky enough to have a go at creating some samples for Sarah and here are just three of them, I do hope you like the results and if you come back here in the next few days I will add the rest of the samples.

Friday, 22 August 2014

A Christmas card created for Sundays with Santa

Good Afternoon, yes I know its been along time since I posted a card here on my No.2 blog but as you will have probably already read that firstly I had my two grandsons staying for a week then my right eye had to have laser treatment due to a torn retina and for the last week we have been looking after our dog Missy who has been really ill, but due to the steriods shes now taking its quite amazing how much they cause a dog to feel hungry, my gran used to say "You lost your appetite and found a Donkeys" and shes certainly done that, we have to watch we done over feed her as she has another 5 days worth of the tablets to go before she finishes, just hope it doesnt revert to the problem we had before with her not eating.
Anyway todays card was created on a idea which Sue Wilson had, she made a slightly smaller card design but some unknown reason mine has come out a lot bigger, but Im not going to reduce it now it will stay the size it is and Im quite happy with the result.
The stamp is a Justrite one and the die also that it is cut out with and layered on, the other diecuts are Nestabilitie dies that have been cut down to create this square, and they are layered on snow ice from Cosmic Shimmer crystals that have been stuck to the card with the double sided sticky film also from Creative Expressions.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Please give a few prayers for my Yorkie

Hi my fellow crafters you might be wondering why I havent been posting on my No.2 for awhile well its mainly because I had my two grandsons staying for a week, then I had problems with my right eye where the jelly on my eye became detached and tore a hole in my retina which meant I had to have it lasered to stitch it up, but if that wasnt enough this last week my Yorkie Missy has not been very well, shes been quiet for awhile but we put it down to the hot weather, but this last week she started vomiting on last Thursday and stopped eating, we took her to the vets who found she had a high temperature, so they gave her a injection for that and a anti sickness drug, which luckily seemed to do the trick but she just wouldnt eat and really was sleeping all the time.
On Saturday we took her back to the vets who tooks some blood which came back with problems with her liver, and she then gave her a Steriod injection  to encourage her to eat and to hopefully buck her up a bit, she did eat yesterday even rather poorly, but this morning she has gone for more blood tests and a ultrascan on her liver to see how much damage has been done and hopefully find a way of helping her back to better health.
Im so worried for her as she is unable to tell us whats going on, and she really didnt want to stay with the vets but its the only way we are going to find out whats going on, so I would appreciate it if you could keep your fingers crossed and say a few prayers that the tests come back with the answer to her problem.
Ultrasound came back OK so there hasnt been any permanent damage to her liver, we just have to encourage her to eat and keep giving her the steriods and the antibiotics, still not sure whats caused it but it seems on of my neighbours has also had the same problem with their dog to, it starts with the dog vomiting and then going completely of their food and having problems the other end as well, so if you find your dog or cat has a similar problem take them to the vets straight away.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Card for Sundays with Santa Facebook Challenge "Shades of White"

Im so sorry that its been so long now since I posted a card but its been rather hectic in my house over the last week and a half and tomorrow guess what we are having faster broadband installed so I do hope it doesnt mean we will be without broadband for to long.
Anyway here is a card I made just before my grandsons came to stay, its for the Facebook Sundays with Santa "Shades of White" Challenge, its created with Sue Wilsons beautiful dies and one of the Embossalicious Embossing Folders.
I have used a piece of white pearlescent card and ran it though my ebosser and a snowflake embossing folder, then on top I have wrapped a piece of white ribbon and attached it to the back of the this mount.
On top I have cut out one of the large rectangle die shapes from Sue Wilson and another smaller one on which I have stamped a sentiment from my stash. I then used yet another piece of white pearlescent card and diecut a large snowflake out and used a smaller on and embossed the center with it, and die cut a even smaller snowflake which has been mounted in the center.
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