About Me

Hi, My name is Shirley, and Im a 74 year old wife and grandmother, Ive been papercrafting for about 9 years, but have always been into knitting, sewing embroidery, painting and drawing, anything I can get my hands on. My husband whos now retired is long suffering man who fortunately encourages me in my craft and Im really grateful for that. I have three daughters, and two step daughters, and between my husband and I we have 10 grandchildren, 4 girls and 6 boys.
 My eldest grandson is 36 and is in the RAF and Im so proud of him, hes now married with two grandsons the eldest Jacob is 3 and the baby Toby will be 1 in September. Our other grandchildren range from 5 year upwards. I also live in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, its the most beautiful place and I love living here. I sincerely hope you will enjoy looking at my attempts in craft making.
I should also explain the origin of my name Nannieflash, this is what my grandchildren call me for the obvious reason, Im forever taking photos of them, and now my step-daughter has been christened Mummyflash for the same reason.
If you need to contact me you will be able to email me at the following email address:-