Tuesday, 12 November 2019

My goodness what a long time its been

I cannot believe it taken me so long to write a post for my 2nd blog, so much has happened in the last 6 months, the dog has improved quite a bit but is still a dog with hyper activity problems hes always on the go, but very clever as you see in the photos below.

He wrapped his pulling string around the shelf all by himself, not sure how he worked it out but I think hes a very clever lad.
We have had a rather stressful month and this is because I agreed for the local Housing Association to renew my kitchen but I wished now I had met someone who had already had it done as Ive lost quite a lot of storage space, plus which my hubby has had to put extra shelves in them for those that I do have just didn't have enough storage at all, and on top of this we have had to pay for a tiler to finish of tiling the space that they didn't do, this alone was £250.00 that's on top of the new blinds, new carpet runners, and paint and paid for someone to come and do it as the HA doesn't do that now, as I said I wished I hadn't had it done as to be honest the standard of the cupboard finishes leave a lot to be desired and to honest I cannot see them being as hard wearing as the last ones we had, and they lasted 15 years.
But I suppose you cannot expect anything else from HA they are not going to buy the best grade of cupboard for the likes of us are they, and the thing I find most upsetting is that told me that I would love them, but guess what I'm not all that enamored with them for sure and the biggest heartache is the fact my once upon a time slot in cooker (halogen) is now a stand alone one with a 3cms gap all around it even at the back, and guess what all the rubbish drops behind it and we are going to have to pull it out regularly to clean up all that, not much fun with us in our 70s.
Anyway I suppose I will just have to grin and bear it, though I have made a huge complaint to the HA and I will follow it up in a couple of weeks to see if they are going to do anything about it.