Friday, 30 September 2011

Accident prone Pup

Good Afternoon hasnt the weather been fantastic, Missy has been lying in the sun but of course she gets to hot after awhile and will then try and find somewhere cool and that is normally the lino in the kitchen. Today she has been sleeping on the settee by the side of my desk as you can see in the second photo. The top one is her in her new coat, as I said I would let you see a photo of her after she had her clip on Monday and yesterday was the first time I got the chance to do so.
I dont know what we are going to do with her as she is such a jumper she will take advantage of anything to jump up either on chairs or tables and of course it was her downfall yesterday, she had already come back from her few days away with a limp on her front right leg which turned out to be a bad bruise, we had the vet take a look at her on Monday, then yesterday she did her left back leg some damage she jumped onto hubbys computer chair and somehow she must have got it caught as she came into me limping on three legs, luckily shes now using the leg without to much trouble but is still occassionally limping on her front one still. We are supposed to be resting her, but how can you when shes so determined to jump shes almost like a cat and will take the same risks as they would, I suppose we shall just have to watch her most carefully.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Two Hours Later

Well I think Missy is looking pretty good after her trip to the "Poodle Palour" mind you shes absolutely shattered. She wasnt car sick so the tablets seem to have done the trick and guess what she was as good as gold no wriggling and both of the groomers fell in love with her so I guess we wont need to worry about taking her back. This is her after two hours of clipping, washing and drying, shes really exhausted all she wants to do is sleep.

Whats on my Chair

Good Morning Everyone, youve all heard of the Challenge "Whats on your Desk" on Wednesdays, well Im starting a new one "Whats on my Chair", yesterday this is what I found when I had just finished looking at hubbys photos on his computer and went back into my craft room, Missy the pup had somehow got herself onto my chair and was sitting there as if she owned it.
Shes almost 6 months old and is still full of mischief as any young puppy, and is of to have her first clip today I just hope she behaves as she doesnt like me clipping her hair away from her eyes hopefully she will be well behaved and come back looking a little less ragged, will try and post a after photo for you see the results.
Hope you like meeting our little girl.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Card for Lili of the Valley Challenge - "Aqua, White and Glitter"

Good Morning Everyone, though to be honest its not to nice here in Gloucestershire its pouring of rain, and I got soaked taking the pup out for the loo, never mind its warm and dry indoors, and todays card has been created for this weeks Lili of the Valleys "Aqua, White and Glitter" Challenge, and Ive chosen to use this sweet image of these two cuties and stamped it onto white card then used my copics to colour it. Afterwards I used Nestabilitie Die Labels No.1 to cut it out and then used the die again to draw around to create the mount for it. The sentiment is one of Janet's Pink Gem stamps and Ive treated it in the same way as the image.
The base card is a 6"x 6" white card with a first mount of aqua pearlescent card and one of three papers from the Nitwits "Still Joyful Hearts" Digi paper downloads, this first paper is a pretty holly pattern and on top is a faded stripe pattern and the last is a spotted one. Across the middle I have wrapped a lace strip and attached it to the back of the first mount.
I then positioned my mounted image in the centre with the sentiment at the bottom on the  right hand side, to finish of I have created a flower spray in the top left hand corner with several sized roses on top of a bed of rose and fern leaf punched out pieces.
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Friday, 23 September 2011

A Card for Crafters Companion "Christmas Wishes" Challenge

Good Afternoon All, well the sun is out and hubby has got the grass cut though I do see its a bit uneven in places but I suspect that might be because its been so wet, never mind Missy wont hopefully get her tummy wet so much. She now also 6 months old and is going for her first hair cut on Monday and weve had to resort to getting tablets for her as she doesnt travel to well in the car, she gets very sick we are hoping that these will help her and stop it, will let you know if it works.
Well todays card has been created for this months Crafters Companion "Christmas Wishes" Challenge, and I have used the freebie stamp from one of the craft magazines of Humphrey pulling his reindeer through the snow, Ive stamped him onto white card then used my copic pens to colour him. I then used a square Nestabilitie die to cut him out and used the Eyelet Square for the mount. The sentiment is one that came with the stamp.
The base card is 6"x 6" white card and Ive used blue pearlescent card for the first mount and one of two papers from the Humphreys Xmas Cd that I received last week, the first paper is a blue one with what looks like snowflakes on, on top is a square of red sentiment paper which was cut into a 5" square and Ive used a snowflake border and corner punch on, and placed it on top of the first mount.
Around the centre I have wrapped a wide Christmas ribbon and attached it to the back of the first mount, and then positioned my mounted image in the centre with the sentiment at the bottom on the right. To finish of I have placed two punched out snowflakes in the top left hand corner.
This card is to be entered in the following Challenges:-

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sorry Ive been AWOL

Im so sorry that Ive not posted anything for a week but we have just got back from Guernsey attending this little mans Christening, if youd like to see a couple of photos from the actual day you will have to pop over to my No.1 blog to see them.
Hes such a happy little chap and his parents are so thrilled to have him that Im not surprised hes so laid back. Hope you like the little video I took of him at his Nana Annes house.
Will be back hopefully at the weekend.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Card for Mo's Challenge - "Boys with Attitude"

Good Afternoon All, well I dont know about you but its cloudy and its been raining here in Gloucestershire, I dont mind this weekend but Im sincerely hoping it will improve by next as we are of to Guernsey on Thursday to spend a few days and attending a Christening on the Sunday and I do so hope that it will be a lovely day or at least dry but only time will tell. Todays card is for this weeks Mo's Challenge "Boys with Attitude" and this little mite is really begging to be picked up, I should know as my second daughter when she was small was forever asking to be picked up as she didnt want to walk anywhere, Ive printed him onto white card and coloured with my copic pens then used my Nestabilitie Die No.8 to cut it out and then used the die to draw around and then cut it out with my scissors out of lime green card. The sentiment was one that I created on my computer and printed it and mounted it in the same was as the image.
The base card is a 6"x 6" white card with a first mount of green card and one of three papers from Kay Millers "Dinosaurus" digi paper set, the first paper is a yellow background with several different colours of dinosaurs, on top of this is a green check that Ive cut in a strip and used my EK Success dinosaur border punch on both edges, then on top is a sentiment paper and this was then stuck on a piece of gree card and stuck across the centre of the second paper.
I then positioned my mounted image in the middle with the sentiment at the bottom on the right hand side, but I then used some lime green rafia and threaded it through a stripped button and wrapped around the left hand side of the card.
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Card for Lili of the Valley Challenge - "Missing You"

Good Morning Everyone, well I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend, today is my 11th Wedding Anniversary and of course the 9/11 anniversary as well so Im sure a lot of you are not particularly having a happy one so I send you my love and thoughts. Well the day started reasonably well until our pup managed to find the card hubby had put on my bed and guess what she did a good job of ripping it up so it looks a bit battered to say the least, but never mind you could say shes adding her signature like a child would when asked to add theirs.
Todays card has been created for this weeks Lili of the Valleys "Missing You" Challenge, and Ive used this sweet image and coloured it with my copic and tria pens then used the large Rectangle Nestabilitie Die to cut it out, I then cut a mount for it with the scalloped edged one and the sentiment has been treated in the same way.
The base card is a 6"x 6" white card with a first mount of blue card with one of three papers from the "Echo Park" Country Drive papers, the first one is blue design with yellow flowers on, and the second and third have been cut in strips and Ive used two different Martha Stewart border punches on them, Ive even used it on the blue card strip as well. I then wrapped a piece of white satin ribbon and then on top a sparkly blue ribbon and attached it to the back of the first mount.
I then used the heart Cherry Lynn doily and cut it out of blue card then popped it just behind the ribbons, on top of this I then mounted my image with the sentiment at the bottom on the right. To finish of Ive created two flowers from some of the left over papers, these were stuck to the card in the top left hand corner with some silicone glue on top of punched out leaves.
This card is to be entered in the following Challenges:-

Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Sundays with Santa" - shaped Card

Good Afternoon Everyone, well its been a busy day so far for us, we went to Chepstow to do our monthly shop and that took us 3 hours so you can well understand why everything is a bit behind. Anyway Ive just posted this on facebook as this is where the Challenge is and this week its Shaped Card. The card will be but away for a special friend of mine, I wont disclose her name as it wouldnt be a surprise would it.  Ive used this gorgeous Penny Black image which Ive had in my stash for quite a long time the stamp itself is over a year old, and coloured it with my copic and tria pens, then used my rotatrim to cut it out. The base card is 6"x 11" which has been folded to create this shape and Ive used one pattern paper from the My Minds Eye paper pack that I got from one of my Craft magazine it was a freebie this month.
I then put my image in the centre and used a sentiment ribbon across the bottom underneath, to finish of I used two of my poinsettas as embellishments with some stickles on the petals.
This card is to be entered in the following Challenges:- 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Third Sample for Sarah - "Autumn"

Good Afternoon Everyone, I promised you yesterday that I would give you not only the outside of my sample but also the inside, as you can see Sarah does create the most beautiful papers that co-ordinate well with the toppers, and this one also has a bookmark just popped inside with the sentiment on.
I will be posting the last of three of my samples on my No.1 blog so if youd like to pop over there you will be able to see yet more of these gorgeous images.
I will remind you when Sarahs Preview Show is on Create and Craft nearer the date (15th September at 11am) so that you can watch what the rest of her Design Team have created with this gorgeous Cd.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Second Sample for Sarah - "Toad" from Woodland Fantasy

Good Afternoon Everyone, now you might be wondering why this image is titled Toad, the original topper has this little mite looking at a "Toad" so that is where the title comes from. Sarah has created a new decoupage and its called Strip Toppers and the idea is you get a large image with strips of the image coloured which you stick on the marked area for them, I used a thin foam tape instead of sticky pads it was easier.
The main card is a 7"x 7" white card thats been created into a gateleg design with both inside and outside covered with the beautiful backing papers that Sarah has created for all 10 design Sets that are on this Cd. I also have printed a verse on the inside and because the ribbon was a bit of a pain to tie I didnt bother undoing it to photo that so I hope you will forgive me for that.
The ribbon was stuck behind the image and Ive also punched out the edges separately before sticking them along the back and sides of the gatefold.
I do hope you like this image I think shes so cute. Will post my 3rd sample tomorrow and I promise to show you the inside this time.