Thursday, 1 November 2018

Its been 3 weeks now since I posted anything

I dont know about you but I completely forget to update this blog as I do have a lot to do with my other blog No.1 so occasionally I remember that I ought to add a new post, so today I have my second set of letters for you to see for my No.3 great grandson, he will be 1 on January 1st so Im well ahead of myself.

As you can see I have actually used a couple of the letters that I used in my first set of letters but Im pleased with the end result, I hope you are to.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Creating something special for my great grandson

For the last week I have been creating something special for one of my great grandsons, as he was 3 on Saturday, I managed to get a number done for him first and then I went on to create a set of name  plates for him, hope you like them

This was firstly printed from the Karen O'Gorman Flora and Fauna book of ABC and she has a  Number Plates book to, she has created some beautiful colouring images, and I bought some downloads then printed them and coloured them as above.
I used combination of Prismacolour, Karisma and Lyra pencils.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Update on my garden and latest Xmas Card

Good Morning Crafters, I know I know Im so lack at writing up posts for this Challenge Blog I dont know about you but there comes a time when you are not quite so enthusiastic as you used to be at keeping these Blogs up to date, Ive rather lost my mojo on it.
But on the whole I have been busy with my No.l blog as I had to carry on with writing up the Challenge blogs for The Paper Shelter and of course Pink Gem Designs, also I had visitors at the beginning of August and now here we are almost into September, where has the year flown to?
Anyway I promised you a update on my fence and the garden in front and Im thrilled to show you its really going well even my forsythia has decided to grow again so before you can say jack robinson know doubt it will be as tall as the fence.

Even the grass is doing well, though with a lot of water and loads of grass seed, mind you hubby has a nasty habit of clipping the roots if he goes mad with the strimmer, I now prefer to use the shears to clip the long pieces. The slop of the grass is very dangerous to be honest and with us both in our 70s its a real hazard when cutting it. At the top on the left is where we keep our bins and last year I managed to get hubby to agree to create a little path so we dont have to balance on the grass to fill the bins and our dog loves to strut along it like lady muck, not sure why but she does make us laugh, shes patrolling her domain.
Here is a photo of my fushia's which are also my delight, I do love to see all the colours I hope you like them to.

I was rather surprised at how well they survived the very cold winter we had at the beginning of the year but luckily they did so did the front ones to.
I think its time now to show you the latest Xmas cards I created a few weeks ago, I have been busy with others but never got around to actually photoing them.

These are both created with Chloes stamps and I actually coloured them both with my pencils.
These cards are to be entered in the following Challenges:-

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Happy 1st of July

Can you believe that we have lost another month and here we are on the 1st of July and today Im posting a few Xmas cards I make a few weeks ago, they are all slightly different and I hope you like them,

They are made with Inkalicious and Hobby Art stamps with a ornament mask. I used white inkpad for the background and a white pen for the snow and smoke.
I hope you like the results.
This Card is to be entered in the following Challenges:- 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

A birthday card for one of my Great Grandsons

Well for the last two days hubby and I have been busy re-instating our garden after we had the local housing association install a brand new fence and yes we did pay for it, and if anyone wants to know it wasn't cheap, it was shy of £400. but luckily he did do a grand job and I'm thrilled with the end result as it not only looks a 100 times better it also keeps my dog from wandering in to one jungle of a garden and onto the road.

As you can see it wasn't the easiest of jobs to do as we have a very bad slope and because both hubby and I are in our 70s we felt installing the fence was better done by a much younger person and he he did a good job to and very quickly but it did leave us to tidy up the borders and for hubby to construct the wooden decking over the drain cover, that does still need to be stained but I'm thrilled it all.
We still got to patch up the grass but need to get some seed so hopefully that will be sometime next week with any luck.
But before I started on the garden I finished of a card Id been creating for one of my great grandsons and he loves anything to do with space.

And this was made by using the Lisa Norton dies, and its mounted on mirri card which you just see through the holes from the Solar die at the back.
I hope you like the result, not sure I like my reflection though, hope it doesn't spoil the effect.
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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I do apologise for not posting very often on this Blog

Yes I know its been about 4 months since I posted any thing on here, but I co-run a Challenge blog The Paper Shelter every two weeks and then Im also on the Pink Gem Design Team and that also runs Challenges every two weeks it gets a bit busy over on my No.1 blog and although I have made quite a few cards I dont always get time to write up or photo the cards I make, but Ive a treat for you today I finished a card yesterday for my Son-in-law and felt you might like to see it.
My eldest daughter and her hubby have now moved to Jakarta in Indonesia for 5 years and its a very tropical country and after buying this die from Sue Wilson I thought it was a ideal for the card I have created I hope you do to.

The papers I have used are for the black and white one is a DCWV paper pack I found in my stash and the tropical one is a paper I bought on the internet as a download, I do hope he likes the result. Hes a insurance assessor so the black and white one I thought was ideal for his office and the other for the evenings and weekends,
This Card is to be entered in the following Challenges:-

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Beautiful stamps and dies from Chloe

I do apologise for being so slack here on my No.2 blog but to be honest I havent been in the best of health for the last couple of weeks and in fact I had to put off my followup appointment for my cataract with the optician but Im hoping to get signed off this Friday. Hubby and I have both been caught by the horrible cold, sore throat, cough etc and Ive got admit this is the first time in many years since I suffered from one, it must be that my immune system must still be compromised from all the health problems I had last year. Roll on Summer Im hoping it will boost me up to start to feel more like me and not like this awful stranger I am at the moment.
I was lucky enough to eventually receive my Chloe stamps and dies last week and I invested in some beautiful inkpads to help create these Birthday Cards, I do hope like them.

I used the Cheery Bloosom border twice for the background and the tree I used the trunk and bloosom top then the die. After I mounted it up and popped some glitter in the middles and along the bottom to create the ground. To finish of I used the sentiment stamp and then mounted it as shown in each of the colours in the photos.