Wednesday, 17 November 2010

46 years old but never able to enjoy it

Today is another difficult day for me, its my sons 46th Birthday but he never got to see his first one so hes not going to celebrate this one either, he unfortunately died at just under 6 months from Acute Leukamenia and he was such a wonderful baby that lived a life time in just those few months. The top photo shows him at about 12 weeks old at my sisters first wedding reception, he is lying on my lap and my eldest daughter is standing in the front, with my brother on the right and my sister standing next to him with her new husband John.
The second photo is one taken at just 26 days old as is the bottom one but this one is with his sister Karen she wasnt quite 3 years old, they were taken by a friend to try and create a Xmas card for us to send out, the one we chose officially I will post below, and you will see that a baby not a month old was old beyond his age.
You must admit for such a young baby he was gorgeous and very forward, I feel such a lost today but we all have to learn to live without the ones we love.


Pinkllilac said...

Awe Shirley your story touched my heart and it must be very hard for you my friend, beautiful photo’s and thank you for sharing your personnel moments with us.

Big Hugs Linda

Monica said...

That was such a touching post... what a brave mother you are there... thanks for sharing those lovely black and white pics. Yes, that baby was magical. God bless him where ever he is... I am sure he is safe and protected.

xxx Monica