Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How to create extra pages at the top of your Blog

Good Evening all, I decided that today I might share with you something I discovered how to do yesterday. As you can see at the top of my blog under my heading I have now got several extra pages and if youd like to know how to do it on your own blog I will guide you through the proceedure.

1. Go into your design page and under your heading click on "Add a Gadget" then scroll down the list till you come to a heading  "Pages" its about 3 boxes down, click on this and it will show you that you can now add a bar to add your extra pages to, this will only show as "Home" to start of with, and the next step will give you the extra pages you want. Click Save and then go and look at your blog to make sure its there.

Once this is done the next step is relatively easy, go to "Dashboard" click on "Edit Posts" and it will give you a list of all your posts, at the top of the bar you will see under the main tabs, "New Post", "Edit Post" and "Edit Pages" and this is the one you want to click on, this is the one thats going to create your pages.

2. Click on "New Page" and it will bring up what looks like a post page (which it is) and if you then put your "Heading in the Title Page" and click on save, it will give you the next tab after the "Home" page, you can then repeat this proceedure as and when you want to add extra pages to your tab bar. Hope you find this helpful you can add upto 10 pages along this bar.

I posted this on my No.1 Nannieflash blog today and thought as it had done extremely well on there that you might like to see it here on my No.2 blog. I have done it to tidy up my blog as I really dont like all the bits and bobs down the side of my blog and so I can at least tidy up my blog with these extra pages.

I was asked today how you treat these pages, and you treat them like you would a post, you add things in the normal way like you would a post. You click on your page tab, and at the bottom on the left is a pen sign click on this and it will take you to edit the page, then just write or add what you want to the post (page) and then click save, this is just one continuous page (post) and you just keep adding to it.


jules said...

Thank you! i would love to do this with my blog,i will try it.

Linda w said...

Hi Shirley, tried it on my test blog, I had to switch to minima to do it but I got it to work. When I'm played with it I'll try it on one of my 'real' blogs. Hugs lin

sallysbitz said...

Thanks for this handy info x

Do you know how to keep a post at the top whilst you post newer posts underneath?
Would like to know how to do this when I put up my blog candy soon x

hugs sally x

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Thanks for the info Shirley! I just may have to try it out and make some extra pages!! Thanks again!