Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Golden Rain my Laburnam tree

Good Morning sorry no card today but I thought youd like to see my Laburnam tree, its just come into bloom and it looks like golden rain, my dearest hubby scalped it a year ago and it looks a bit thin so I wouldnt let him near it last winter to trim so the result is lots of beautiful flowers. The tree next to it is my double white lilac tree. If you click on the photo it will bring it for you so you can see it better.
The sun has gone into day and its rather chilly, but I do hope it doesnt me we are in for cold weather again its been so lovely the last week and we are getting so used to it, it would be a shame if it went back to a harsh Spring. A lot of my plants were badly effected last winter, I lost my bay tree, and I wasnt the only one Ive spoken to several people and they also lost theirs, I suppose thats the problem really we are so used to winters that are reasonable good that the last two have really hit us badly.
Anyway take care, Id better go its a swimming day today and as I havent been for a couple of weeks due to my bowel infection Im hoping that I will be ok today.

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Stamps and Paper said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely picture with us Shirley....the tree looks so beautiful.