Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nutty Puppy

I must again apologise for not being around much, Ive had 3 Challenge cards posted on my No.1 Blog but here on two Ive been very lapse. To be honest I got bitten by a horsefly on my left ear on Monday, then yesterday I had a blood test booked the nurse took one look at my ear and told me to let a doctor have a look as it was swollen and was weeping with fluid all the time, and had spread down my neck, today its a bit better but its still causing me some problems and its rather sore and itchy to.
We also have had a busy week, today Missy had to go and have a microchip popped in under her skin between her shoulder blades, and tomorrow weve got a new fridge coming a replacement for a 4 year old one thats got a small leak and they carnt repair it, so it was easier for them to replace it instead.
I will try and get a card posted soon so in the meantime I thought you might like to see our potty puppy playing with a stone in our backgarden.


Jackie said...

ouch , oooh and wow.. lol... thank you for sharing Missy with us.. hope you back in tune soon.. and .. wtg on new fridge. ! :) hugs J x

Patty Sue 2 said...

What a week you are having! Your poor little ear...I had a bite on my arm last year and it was so sore. Love your little pup, what a sweetie. Hope the new fridge lasts longer. hugs

Tab said...

She is gorgeous, doesn't seem like 5 mins ago our Teddy was this size LOL.....he is 8 mths now and causing mayhem where ever he goes LOL.....Our Teddy screamed the place done when he was micro chipped, poor love....mind the size of the needle they use its it reminded me of one of those latch hook needles they use for rug making, LOL....but its better in the long run.

Sorry to hear about your ear, those horseflies are nasty little devils, hope tha tit clears up soon for you :o)

Hugs Tab xxx