Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Missy at 4 months old

I thought youd like to see how quickly our little madam is growing up, shes almost 4 months old and has more than doubled in size and weight, shes a stocky little dog, and at the moment her ears are struggling to become erect, I do hope they do go up and each day we look at the progress with ever more hope that they will eventually get there, though I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt as her mum didnt have erect ears but her dad did and its a luck of the draw.
Anyway Im trying to catch up with my future DT work so that I have lots of cards ready to blog before we go away in September, you know how quickly the weeks go by so you can understand why Im anxious to get well ahead of myself.

1 comment:

jackid said...

she is adorable I am awwwwing and ooohhhhing as I type this lol I just want to munch her
Jacki xx