Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Guess whos enjoying the heat?

My hubby came upstairs with a drink for me and I happen to say to him wheres Missy with you, he said no I wonder where she is? Anyway he looked at the sofa by the side of me, and there she was lying like this, I ask you theres nothing like it is there? I think shes finding the heat a bit much. 


Sarah said...

Awww Shirley, Missy is too cute for words she really is x

jackid said...

Adorable bless her they know where it's comfy for sure
Jasper isn't himself he has had a bad reaction to some grass and came out in all sores on his tummy feet and face he's under the vet for it but still feeling very sorry for himself
Jacki xx

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, what a little lady she is Shirley, lol, she looks quite at home lying there, and yes I think the heat is getting to my little Polo as well, he is finding it really difficult at the moment
Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

such cute picture! Seams she feel well on the bed!

Melodie said...

Hi Shirley, your doggy is sooooo sweet.

Denise said...

Missy looks so sweet and gives you that cute look, i bet she's spoilt. Hugs Denise xx