Friday, 17 December 2010

My Second Eldest Grandson - Thomas

Im so proud of my second eldest grandson Thomas whos 17, as yesterday he passed his driving test at his first attempt now to many thats quite a uneventful thing to happen, but for my grandson it was a wonderful achievement as all his life from the time he was born it has been a struggle. The reason for this is he suffers with Aspergers Syndrome and as you may or may not know it affects their motor skills and their being able to achieve many other things like being able to talk, write and generally make friends, they dont understand what you are talking about and dont reason very well, and also have to have help with their Schooling. Thomas was lucky and was statemented quite early so he got the help he required and the one to one teaching at School, now hes at College doing a Computer Studies course, hes extremely good at maths, though not so good at english, but hes doing well and hopes eventually to go onto University and who knows he might just do that with his determination and his mums great faith in his ability and I think thats whats bought Thomas this far. Good luck my love and Well Done you are my Star Im so very proud of you and your mum.


Viv said...

Congrats to your grandson, I have a nephew with the same condition!
Thanks for the lovely comments on my card for the blog hop and sorry, the puzzle piece wasn't showing . Its all fixed now if you want to collect it!
Thanks for visiting. Viv


Well done Thomas - you're a star!!

Thanks Shirley for all your lovely comments and messages throughout this year, and I wish you, Thomas, and all your family, the best Christmas ever, and a happy and peaceful 2011.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxx