Tuesday, 28 June 2011

So Sorry for being so Lapse

Good Morning All, Im so sorry Ive not been posting any cards these last few days, its a bit hectic in our house at the moment, as Missy needs to be monitered when shes awake as we are trying to get her puppy trained, and although shes pretty good she still lapses and will run around like a mad thing ouside then come in and do a wee on the lino by the back door which isnt quite what we had in mind, not that it isnt easy to clean up but I would much prefer if she did it in the garden.
And to crown it all at 5.30 this morning she started to squeek and hubby got up to go down to let her out, and he promptly took a flying leap over the barrier we have to stop her getting through the stair gate, he forgot it was there and hes scrapped his legs, hurt his arm and bruised his side, and of course he made one holy row, so heaven knows what my neighbours must be thinking, (we live in a terraced house), anyway I had to laugh as he was sprawled out on the kitchen floor feeling very sorry for himself, hes now plastered up to the knee as it did start to bleed everywhere. Even then we dont know if Missy did do a wee outside as by this time all hubby wanted to do was creep into bed and die. Anyway we put her back in her bed and told her off for squeeking again and she finally settled down till 6.15pm when I got up and let her out and fed her breakie.
I dont know about your experience with puppy food but she turns her nose up at Pedigree puppy food in sachets, she looks, sniffs and turns away even if you pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds, she then resorts to eating Bakers Dried Puppy food instead. It looks as if we are going to have to experiment with some of the other foods as well as supplement her with fresh chicken which Ive cooked myself. Any suggestions? will be gratefully received.


Patty Sue 2 said...

Oh, Shirley, your poor husband....not only hurts his pride but probably hurt all over. We have a picky eater and had to go to canned dog food. We now mix it with the dry and that seems to work. Good-luck!

Christine said...

Ohhh Shirley hope your poor hubby is feeling a bit better after resting..no joke when your not in the flush of youth taking a nose dive like that..
as to Missy & her meals when I had Cavalier puppies to feed they loved scrambbled egg, poridge, our meat gravy with mince & of course chicken & fish..meat gravy was a fav with the puppie biscuits..HTH

smiles Christine xx

Annie said...

love the pic of your cute pup - but as I'm catching up she's probably grown a bit by now! Ours hate Pedigree Chum and the other famous names of tinned dog food, plus it makes the same smell at the other end and is just as sloppy! We use a dry food and mix in with a little sautéed chicken livers from the supermarket or some game left overs - mostly rabbit at this time of year. Saying that, they do like Waitrose own label tinned in the jelly but again it does make them a bit loose so we mix it with the dry.

I look forward to reading more about your puppy tales!
hugs, annie x