Friday, 24 June 2011

Well its Official Missy it is

Well its official Missy it is, we couldnt decide on a name for her and Ive been calling her Missy since we bought her home on Wednesday, but so many of my followers have taken to the name that weve finally decided that Missy it will be and Minnie the Mooch as her Kennel Name, shes got quite a pedigree on her but hasnt been registered, and as we wont be breeding from her it doesnt seem necessary to do so.
Its funny both hubby and I have had a number of Yorkies in the past, actually to many to count and its been quite difficult to think of a name for her without bringing the others into it, so this is at last what weve decided to call her hope you like it.
Shes settled in extremely well, and so far all her toilet needs have been done outside, shes a real nutter at times running around into everything, thats where the mooch comes from. Shes also been good at night, we put her in her cage in her basket and so far shes not made a sound once shes in there. She sleeps from 11pm to 6am when I come down to let her out and so far shes not had any accidents in the cage, not sure how shes able to hold herself for so long, I know Im up and down during the night shes certainly got a better bladder than I have.


Teresa said...

Missy is gorgeous, so small & cute. xx

jackid said...

I want her I want her lol she is sooo sweet awwwww love yorkies and missy suits her fine lol
Jacki xx

Patricia St Martin said...

Missy is adorable. Perfect name for her.

Christine said...

Awww Shirley she looks such a sweetie..pretty face love the name..she will keep you on your toes..LOL

smiles Christine xx

Rach said...

Shirley she is adorable just so sweet, I think that Missy is a perfect name for her too cute hun, glad to hear that she is so good with her toilet and stuff...
:) The headache has gone yay!! thank you for the tip will remember that one in the future.. take care and hope that you enjoy the sunshine today... hugs RAch xxx