Friday, 30 September 2011

Accident prone Pup

Good Afternoon hasnt the weather been fantastic, Missy has been lying in the sun but of course she gets to hot after awhile and will then try and find somewhere cool and that is normally the lino in the kitchen. Today she has been sleeping on the settee by the side of my desk as you can see in the second photo. The top one is her in her new coat, as I said I would let you see a photo of her after she had her clip on Monday and yesterday was the first time I got the chance to do so.
I dont know what we are going to do with her as she is such a jumper she will take advantage of anything to jump up either on chairs or tables and of course it was her downfall yesterday, she had already come back from her few days away with a limp on her front right leg which turned out to be a bad bruise, we had the vet take a look at her on Monday, then yesterday she did her left back leg some damage she jumped onto hubbys computer chair and somehow she must have got it caught as she came into me limping on three legs, luckily shes now using the leg without to much trouble but is still occassionally limping on her front one still. We are supposed to be resting her, but how can you when shes so determined to jump shes almost like a cat and will take the same risks as they would, I suppose we shall just have to watch her most carefully.


jackid said...

Dogs and Cats are a pain (not really) they cause us so much grief but bring us so much pleasure to I guess as she gets older she will calm down but I remember the yorkie we had he liked to jump as well and boy could he jump
so I think it must be in their nature for some reason She looks adorable with her short coat although I do love the when they are full length too I bet she glad she's been done now though with this weather Jasper is so hot but as he is a German Shepherd he's not meant to be shaved (that would be funny)so we have the fan on him most of time
Jacki xx

Jackie said...

oh Shirley I do love to read about Missy, but... little begger,. not much you can do other than tend the wounds, so to speak, they are likkle devils these yorkies. and it not easy to try and make them .. take time out... good luck lol... she will calm down... eventually. lol.. and she is gorge xxx