Monday, 26 September 2011

Whats on my Chair

Good Morning Everyone, youve all heard of the Challenge "Whats on your Desk" on Wednesdays, well Im starting a new one "Whats on my Chair", yesterday this is what I found when I had just finished looking at hubbys photos on his computer and went back into my craft room, Missy the pup had somehow got herself onto my chair and was sitting there as if she owned it.
Shes almost 6 months old and is still full of mischief as any young puppy, and is of to have her first clip today I just hope she behaves as she doesnt like me clipping her hair away from her eyes hopefully she will be well behaved and come back looking a little less ragged, will try and post a after photo for you see the results.
Hope you like meeting our little girl.


Stamps and Paper said...

Doesn't she look sweet?? She obviously waiting for her mum to do some sticking and gluing..lOl..lOI...


Pamela said...

She is so gorgeous Shirley, she looks just like my Yorkie did. Bet she will soon be covered with glitter etc.

Pam x

Teresa said...

She's so cute and your craft space is wonderful. xxx

Patricia St Martin said...

you better get going. she wants to learn how to make cards.. ha ha

Whimcees said...


I LOVE Missy! You are SO lucky to have such a wonderful puppy! SO cute! I am so envious!

I hope that you and your family are well. I have been checking out all of your wonderful creations since I last was here to visit you! Wishing you a great week ahead!


Barbara Diane

Patty Sue 2 said...

She is just waiting for you to teach her a bit about crafting!