Friday, 1 June 2012

Shirley's News

You might be wondering where I have been for the last week, well weve been spending a few days in Looe and district in Cornwall with some friends from Guernsey, the weather has been fabulous, not to hot just right and weve visited some beautiful places, heres a photo of Fowey,
its a really beautiful little town on the side of a river inlet, you have to travel on a ferry to get from one side to another, we had a gorgeous day here on Tuesday, the on Wednesday we went to Lanhydrock House, a spectacular house I really enjoyed not only the garden but also visiting the inside and imagining how fabulous it would be to live there.

The photo in the centre was just part of the house, I dont seem to have taken one of the front entrance, but you can see how gorgeous it is I hope from just that one. The last photo is of my friends little boy, hes here with his granddad, and this was taken on our trip to Fowey, hes such a happy little chap and is now a year old.
This last photo is of Nicolas's mum and dad and his nan also on the same day as the one above in Fowey.
We did have a lovely few days away and it was sad to have to leave them and come home, but I had a hospital appointment with the eye clinic today and didnt want to miss it, as I have been experiencing a haze ring in my left eye and the optician was unable to tell me what it was, but with the appointment today at least its ruled out anything nasty but it has given me the reason probably why Im having the problem, I have a cataract developing in my left eye and I have to return to the hospital for a follow up appointment in 2 months to see what the changes might be, so will let you know how I get on then. These things are definitly here to wind us up arnt they?
We picked up Missy from the breeder this afternoon, and shes been sleeping it of ever since, she always come back home completely knackered as she runs around all the time with the rest of her family and it tires her out, but at least we know she has a grand time and we dont have to worry about her.


Anonymous said...

lovely place ! in some weeke I'll see Cornwall too hurra!


Pamela said...

Lovely pictures Shirley. You were lucky with the weather. I love Cornwall.

Pam x

Stamps and Paper said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures Shirley you certainly had good weather..


Donna said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your break away Shirley. Hope they treat your cataract situation soon and don't let it get too bad before they do something. Have a fabulous Jubilee long weekend.
Donna xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful pics, I just love Cornwall. So sorry to hear about your eye news, cateracts are completely treatable though so you will be absolutely fine, big hugs xxx