Sunday, 21 January 2018

A bit of Sprakle

Good Morning to you on a January wet Sunday, oh Im so looking forward to lighter nights and days I find these dark days so miserable and depressing but I suppose to appreciate the nice days you have to endure the bad ones.
Anyway today's card is one I made with the Chloe stamps and dies, I do enjoy using them shes so sparkly with her designs and it cheers you up if nothing else.

I am daft I just went to add it and discovered I hadn't finished off editing it anyway here it is, its created with her poppy dies and stamps I haven't put a sentiment on it yet I will have to decide who to give it to, I hope you like the end result.
I hope you have a fab week, I have a couple of dental appointments to get my plate relined I'm just hoping the technician does a good job as at the moment it will come out when I eat and speak without the use of the fixadent so keeping my fingers crossed for that. 

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