Thursday, 13 October 2011

Can I ask you to keep my little fur baby in your prayers tomorrow

Good Afternoon Everyone, I dont know if you remember my telling you that after we picked up Missy from the breeder on the 21st September after we got back from our five days in Guernsey, that we noticed she was limping on her front right leg, well we took her to the vets to get her checked and she couldnt find anything wrong at the time and she told us to rest her as much as we could and not to take her out on long walks, and we've been doing that till Monday this week, when hubby took her for small ride up to our nearest park (to get her used to travelling in the car as she gets sick) and then walked her around the field.
Anyway Monday evening she was sitting and sleeping with us in the front room while we were watching the TV, but afterwards when she got up to walk around I noticed that she was limping again, anyway hubby took her again on Tuesday for a ride and a walk and again she woke up very stiff (in the evening) and this time her limp was even worse so I decided enough was enough and yesterday morning we took her back to the vets, but she still couldn't find anything wrong and Missy doesn't squeak when you are examining her so she suggested that we have it Xrayed, and tomorrow morning she is of to have it done, I do so sincerely hope that its nothing nasty and that as shes said it might just be her growing, as shes still so young and the cartilage might be causing the problem, but until we get the results from the Xrays we wont know for sure that its nothing nasty. So please could you keep her in your prayers tomorrow for me I would be very grateful.


Pop's Cards said...

Awww I sure will and i hope its all fine, sweetie i would be freaking out too, hugs pops x

Eiglas said...

Hi Shirley,
So sorry Missy is having such a problem.
Have you noticed how she runs?
Does she 'bunny' hop, using her two back legs together, instead of the usual gallop?
If so, she could have Hip Dysplasia, which is a malformation of the ball and socket joint at the hip.
Usually the socket is too shallow, so the ball moves up and down in the socklet, wearing away the lining and resulting in painful arthritis of the hip.

My lickle rescue boy Charlie has this. It will show up on x-ray and the rest depends on how bad the hip is and how far the damage has gone.
Charlie is not yet two and because of callous money-grabbing bad breeders, is now consigned to a whole life on management drugs which in their turn cause problems.

It is a manageable condition and if, as I hope, Missy isn't too badly affected, she'll have a course of anti-inflamms and be okay.
Thinking of you both and praying for Missy.

Sarah said...

Ooohhh Shirley, I will of course have Missy in my thoughts, I am sure everything will be fine xxx

Pamela said...

Aww bless her. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, hope all goes well. I am sure you are right and it will be nothing serious. These little Yorkies don't know they are little dogs she may just have overdone it when she has been out. Let us know how she gets on.

Pam x

Christine said...

Awww Shirely how distressing to poor Missy in pain.. I hope the Xray dosent show anything to awful for you & Missy..take care thinking of you do let us know how you get on ..

smiles Christine x

xxNikkixx said...

Aww Shirley Missy will certainly be in my and hugs Nikki xxxx