Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Further update on Missy

Im sorry its been a few days since I last wrote on how Missy is progressing, although today shes fine and doing well, we had a terrible scare on Friday evening while sitting watching the TV, normally I get on to do some cross stitching (Im trying to make a sampler for a dear friend of mine) and because Missy was insisting she sat on my lap I put the sewing away and gave in to her.
As Id already said she wasnt to well on the way back from the Vets but did perk up and had a bite to eat about 6.15pm just before we took her into the front room, shed already had a couple of sleeps when she came back and seemed a lot better, anyway getting back to my story of Friday evening, I let her come up to settle to what I thought she would do that is lie down on my lap but she didnt she decided to lay in my arms upside down on her back, I was gently stroking her tummy and she went of to sleep.
Now comes the biggest shock of all, she went so deeply into sleep she became limp and floppy I could see this wasnt any normal kind of sleep as normally when I move she will yerk awake and she didnt she was almost gone I pulled her up our of my arms and gradually kept talking to her and trying to wake her up, she did eventually but it was a very close thing, I think if Id left her any longer she would have died as she was comatosed. It was the most scarey thing Ive ever had to deal with, and of course we wouldnt go to bed until we were sure she was ok. Luckily after a couple of hours she seemed to be fine and she went out for her last wee and was then put in her cage and slept till 6am yesterday morning.
We are still watching that she doesnt overdo the exercise and are trying to rest her as much as possible I just hope that at the end of 6 weeks she will well over her limp as its not only been an expensive time its also been a very frightening time for us both. And of course weve got to go through it all again when she goes to be spayed after shes had her first season, which hopefully should be next year and she should be a bit older to.


Christine said...

Ohhh Shirley what a worrying time your having with wee Missy..poor little mite they are so small & fragile at this age this breed of dog..hope things improve quickly for you all.

smiles Christine x

Pamela said...

Oh Shirley, what a shock for you. Pleased she is better now. It may have been the effects of the aesthetic and because she was laying on her back. My little Rosie used to do that and look so comfy. Thinking of you and hope she continues to improve.

Pam x

Janette said...

Oh Shirley that sounds awful and what a shock for you both, did you let the vet know.....I do hope she is ok now and will continue to be so....take care.xx

Linda w said...

How very terrifying for you. I hope you both recover soon. I do hope she improves soon. Hugs lin

Crafteezee said...

Oh my goodness what a shock and a constant worry. I do hope it sorts itself out without any need for surgery, bless.
Hugs Tracy x

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Shirley I am so sorry I didn't know that this was going on with Missy, you must be so worried. I have just read your posts on Missy and I think I would have had a panic attack if my dog had fallen into such a deep sleep as that. She is still so young so this is the time to put things right especially if she has had an accident with her bones. I will certainly think of you and Missy and pray that all will be well.
Love & hugs
Lorraine x

Stamps and Paper said...

Shirley what a worrying time for you,
and thank goodness for your quick thinking and I cant image how scary it must have been for you.
Hopefully now Missy is on the mend, give her a little hug from me.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh Shirley that was so frightening for you. Poor little Missy too.
I am sending you lots of hugs and well wishes for your baby girl.
kim x

Sarah said...

Oh Shirley, I am so so sorry, must have been so frightening for you. Hope lil Missy is on the mend very soon xxx