Friday, 14 October 2011

Update on Missy

 We arnt feeling very well.
I promised yesterday to let you know how Missy got on today with her Xray, the results in one way are good and in another still a bit worrying, at the moment the news is brilliant she hasnt anything wrong with her bones he couldnt find a problem there, but hes still not sure whats causing the limp in her front right leg, other than he noticed that it splays out more than the left, but he did say its possible its to do with her growing, or it could be soft tissue damage, or even a ligament or cartlidge, so we have to carry on not allowing her any extended exercise and it could take upto 6 weeks for it to show any improvement.
Its possible that the injury happened while she was staying with the breeder when we were away in Guernsey but of course we didnt see it happen and are unable to say what caused it, the limp only started after we picked her up from there.
If things done settle down by the time she is 9 months old we will have to start again trying to discover exactly what is causing her to limp, I just hope by then it will have completely dissappeared and she is her old self again. Of course at this very moment she is in her bed sleeping as the trauma of being put under has left her feeling very sick (which she was in the car coming home) and very tired, her tummy is very upset and I just want her to rest and hopefully if shes feeling a bit better later on we will be able to feed her something.


Linda w said...

Poor missy, it is so upsetting when our pets are hurt or ill isn't it, don't know about you but I'm always worse over these teenies. We have a very old, extremely tiny, yorkie - used to be my dad's - they are just so precious aren't they. Hope she's feeling better soon. Hugs lin

Pamela said...

That sounds like quite good news Shirley. Do hope she soons feels better. She will no doublt be a lot brighter in the morning. They are such a worry, but tougher than we think.

Pam x

Sarah said...

Awww, poor lil Missy :-( I guess it's good news Shirley, nothing major has flagged up. Hope Missy gets the rest she needs to be back racing around and going on her long walks xxx

Heidi said...

Hi Shirley, fingers crossed that all goes well, when we first got our pointer (I know a lot bigger doggy) but anyway, when she was little she hurt her paw and there was no discernable problem and eventually it sorted itself out. we think that cos she pelts around like a bit of a loony that her paws get more splayed and that she had pulled the thin skin in between the pads and that gave her a limp for awhile until it healed, sorry long winded, hard to explain, but hopefully your cute little missy will be bounding about again soon!! Hugs Heidi xx