Thursday, 19 April 2012

Missy is now without her Collar

Guess who's a happy dog? We took her collar of this morning, and shes so delighted she took one of her stitches out to celebrate, I dont know shes a proper Houdini, she can get any stitch out as quick as lightening, little madam. We have to take her back for the final checkup tomorrow so hopefully the vet will sign her of as being sorted. We thought as the openings were now healed up we would remove the collar, and yes the little madam took all of three hours to remove one of the stitches I wonder how long its going to take to get the other one out as well, lets hope it doesnt split open again as Im not so sure it will heal so well.
Shes been right nightmare believe me, its now two weeks since she had her spaying, 6 dew claws and two baby teeth removed, and its only today that weve been able to remove the collar, Im not sure I would want to go through this stress again, and hopefully we wont.


Stamps and Paper said...

HI Shirley...Missy must be so happy not having that 'lampshade' around her neck...she really is a sweetie


coldwaters2 said...

Oh Shirley this is brilliant news it is great that you are one happy family again, lol.
Lorraine x