Sunday, 15 April 2012

Missy Update Latest News

We took Missy back to the vets yesterday morning, and she was able to remove the two front legs stitches and her tummy (shes been spayed), but unfortunaely when she went to have a look at her back legs she found that they both are still not ready to be taken out. We thought that the back right leg would be ready but its not completely healed and was rather puffy and mucky, we knew her left back leg was going to take at least another week because theyd had to restitch it, but it looks as if her ladyship was able to cause more of her mischief on the right back leg as she did on her left one.
So shes still in her collar and we are having to put little plastic bags over her boot bandages so they dont get wet when she goes outside to the toilet, shes very good but slides everywhere so we have to be careful she doesnt hurt herself. I will be so glad when its all over its been a very stressful time, added to the fact that we carnt be watching her ladyship 24/7 especially when she goes to bed and starts trying to undo the bandages, she can still reach them even with the collar but at least it makes her think before she does.
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments youve been leaving I do appreciate them, will keep you informed as she progressess, we have to take her for another checkup on Tuesday, and see if she still needs more Antibiotics.


Stamps and Paper said...

Poor Missy..she looks so sad and the trouble is they dont understand...bless her..


Heather said...

poor little sweetie!!! good thing she has a loving mommy to take care of her.

Sending you hugs and hope Missy heals fast.

Crafteezee said...

Oh dear Shirley, she is being naughty. It is difficult but perservere, it will come good in the end.
Hugs Tracy x

Sarah said...

Aw bless her Shirley, all the trouble now will be worth it once her legs are healed xxx

Patty Sue 2 said...

Your poor little baby she does look like a sorry mite. I hope she is soon back to her old self. I know this is hard on you too! hugs!

coldwaters2 said...

She really is a little Missy isn't she Shirley, lol, I am glad that she is healing I know that she will be back to normal very soon, thank you for giving the updates I have been thinking about her.
Lorraine x