Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Missy Update

When I decided to have Missy spayed, and have her 6 dew claws removed plus her baby teeth, I never expected it to turn into such a drama, this little madam even with this collar on is still causing damage to her back left leg, as I have already told you we had to take her back to the vets on Saturday to have the stitches shes so cleverly removed, be put back. Anyway we thought the collar would keep her away from the foot, oh no this little madam being long in the body has found a way of bending herself to get at it, and so she caused the foot to swell up with her not leaving it alone. So this morning my husband noticed she was limping and I removed the dressing only to find it started to bleed heavily so I redressed and we took her back to the vet again.
He thought at first she may had a infection and tested it but luckily there isnt one but it is badly swollen and is answer was to completely bandage the whole foot as well as the leg, and shes now not only sporting a collar but also a bandage boot on her foot, and of course the occassional limp as well.
She is a clever dog and I wouldnt put it past her to find a way of being able to remove it, anyway we have to take her back again to the vet tomorrow to make sure that the swelling has started to go down, so keep your fingers crossed that things are starting to heal as she will have to keep them in longer if it hasnt. She supposed to have them removed on Monday and at the moment its looking highly unlikely.


jackid said...

Bless her they are not daft these dogs they are more intelligent than we give them credit for I can relate to the dew claw Jasper ripped his out some how and had to have an op to sort it out nightmare so you have my sympathy but she does look adorable in her fashion accessory lol
Jacki xx

Christine said...

Awww Shirley Missy looks like butter wouldnt melt in her mouth as the saying good to hear she hasnt infected her foot..fingers crossed all goes well with her recovery..

smiles Christine x

Sarah said...

Awww poor Missy and poor you, she's putting you through it isn't she, bless her xxx