Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Missy is of to have a big Operation

Tomorrow April 4th is a big day for our little girl, shes of to the vet to be spayed, not only that shes also having 6 dew claws removed and two of her baby teeth, and to be honest Im really concerned as she wasnt at all well after she had to have an Xray last October so Im asking that you keep her in her prayers and thoughts.
And then on Thursday its her first birthday, its been a year of fun and laughter as shes a real character and is very humanised, to be honest its the first Yorkie we have had whos so different from any other dog weve both had, and believe me when I say weve had quite a few over the last 30 years. Shes got a really lovely temperament, theres not an ounce of malice in her, and she loves everyone including rather large dogs and very small children, shes in her element when theres a little person is around.
Mind you she gave my hubby a terrible scare on Sunday, he took her for her usual walk to the local park which is about a 10 mins walk away, and there are a number of fields around the main park field and we normally walk her around the first one then slip into the next field which is also attached to the football field with a hedge and lots of gaps, he let her of the lead and she suddenly dissappeared into the football field, he followed her and she had gone on ahead and slipped back into the other one, and I believe as she couldnt see him she just panicked and litterally starting running down the field through the hedge back through the park and made her way home, of course hubby couldnt recall her and she didnt seem to hear him, luckily he had his phone on him and he rang me up and I said I would come and give him a hand. Id just put my wellies on and coat opened the back gate and there she was waiting for me, I called her in and made a fuss of her, what a clever dog. Im so relieved that there wasnt any traffic as she has no road sense and there wasnt anything else to distract her attention.
She was so pleased with herself that I just couldnt scold her, and if I had Im sure she would have wondered why as dogs only come back to someone that shows love and not to be told off.
Luckily we have kept her on a long lead for now and hopefully we can both take her out when shes had her op and start her again of the lead.
Anyway please can you keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, I will post a photo of her when she feeling a bit better hopefully on Thursday her birthday.


Pamela said...

Hi Shirley, will be thinking of you all tomorrow. I know just how you are feeling, but I am sure she will be fine.

Give her a big kiss from me.

Pam x

Melodie said...

Oh, Shirley, your doggy is so sweet.